Hello! My name is MARC ELISABETH VAN BUUL (b. 1992) and I'm an Arnhem (The Netherlands) based multi-disciplinary conceptual artist, working mainly with photography and video. For me, photography is a perfect tool for transformation. For imagining a kind of illusion in the everyday. I prefer creating a scene or framework wherein surprises could occur. There’s always a fantasy about an image premeditated and polished in my brain, but my best images are a combination of 'the idea' and 'the surprise'. Creating images together and thereby blurring the, often hierarchical, relationship between photographer/director and model is something I strive for. I'm also constantly aware and on the lookout, craving new potential images. Searching for the absurd, but not exclusively. I see myself as a collector and I use the photographic medium as a tool to collect. At the center of my approach is the idea and I have a, almost obsessive, dedication of bringing that to life.

* Watch all experimental short films HERE or search for K.O.B.I. W.A.B.A. on YouTube (Collaboration with Jannus Doornhegge)
* Click HERE for an interview with Anton Shebetko of Bird in Flight Magazine (2021). It's in Russian. 


2018 - 2nd Prize @ DDK, Breda
2019 - Finalist GUP New Talent

2014 - 2018 BA Photography, AKV St. Joost, Breda
2016 - 2017 Minor Arts & Urbanism, AKV St. Joost, Den Bosch

2018 - Witte Rook (BredaPhoto), Breda (5/9/2018 - 21/10/2018)

2021 Heb je haast ofzo? (solo show with performance by Jan Modaal), Art Bar Kippy (Sexyland World), Amsterdam
2021 My Pandemic Year (group/streaming), WORM, Rotterdam

2020 Starring You (group), Melkweg, Amsterdam
2020 Bar.Weinig (group), WDKA, Rotterdam
2020 Open Call Vol. 1 (group), Artroom Mina, Amsterdam

2019 GUP New 2020 Opening & Award Ceremony (group), Westergasfabriek, Amsterdam
2019 SpreadMag (group), WORM, Rotterdam
2019 Nearly every thought leads to nothing (group), WolfArt, Rotterdam
2019 The first human that ate a banana was a monkey (group), Amsterdam
2019 Have fun, darling! (group), De Tussentijd, Breda
2019 Lolalanding (group), Lolaland, Amsterdam
2019 CONCREET (group), Electron, Breda
2019 Cultuurnacht Breda (group), Electron, Breda

2018 FLASH EXPO (group), De Wit, Amsterdam
2018 Bring Your Own Beamer (group), Poppodium Phoenix, Breda
2018 LOUD pattern (group), Witte Rook (BredaPhoto), Breda
2018 Eating a greasy spoonful of obscured desire (group), LOKAAL, Utrecht
2018 ALL HAIL THE FAIL (solo), PIER 15 Skatepark, Breda
2018 ARTY PARTY (group), Melkweg, Amsterdam
2018 Happy People (LAUNCH 2018) (group), AKV St. Joost, Breda
2018 Neobait (group), LOKAAL, Utrecht
2018 Scissors (group), AKV St. Joost, Breda

2017 Hole in the Wall (Arts & Urbanism) (group), First Floor, Den Bosch

2016 Je bent godverdomme niet thuis (Arts & Urbanism) (group), De Mengfabriek, Den Bosch
2016 Betonne Expo (group), achtertuin, Breda

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